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Lift passes can be one of the biggest expenses of a ski holiday, so what’s the best choice for you and your group for a Samoens and Morillon lift pass? There are a few different ways to book your lift passes in the Grand Massif and we’ve done some of the working out for you. Current prices for all passes can be found on the Grand Massif website.


Samoens has a well set-up “Debutant” area which is perfect if you’re coming with a group of beginner adults or kids. You can access one moving carpet, three drag lifts and two chair lifts for almost half the price of a 1 day 4 Villages pass. 

The debutant pass is a great solution as a Samoens and Morillon lift pass if you’re a first time skier or you’re not sure how your young family will take to skiing this year. 

If you’ve booked ski lessons, get in touch with your ski school to double check what kind of pass you’ll need for your experience level and lesson type, more often than not you meet your instructor at the top of the lift after making your lift pass purchase.

4 Village vs. Grand Massif.

Much like between the 4h and 1 day pass, there isn’t a massive price difference between the 4 Village pass which includes, Samoens, Morillon, Les Carroz and Sixt; and the Grand Massif pass which also includes Flaine. To upgrade the ski pass from the 4 Villages pass to the Grand Massif pass for one day (for an adult) is €31.40, more than the price difference between the two passes for the whole week! You’re far better off going for the full Grand Massif pass if you have any intention of making it all the way over to Flaine. During the early part of the season (up to beginning of March) you’ll need to spend some time in that part of the resort if you want to get that classic skier goggle tan, the 4 Villages side stays quite shady.

Family Pack

If you’re a family of four or more you can take advantage of the Family Pack, which give you access to the whole Grand Massif for the price of the 4 Villages pass. This must be booked online at leat 3 days before the first day of skiing.

Staying for a little longer?

If you’re staying for more than two weeks, you may be wondering what the difference is between investing in a full season pass, or going for the “ski à la Carte” Skillico pass. 

The Grand Massif offers a significant discount on early-bird season pass purchases at €525 reduced from €1050 before November 30th. *Season passes must be bought online. 

When you talk to locals, you’ll always hear a different number of days that you have to ski for to “pay off” your season pass before your skiing “for free”. Once you start crunching the numbers it’s easy to understand why! 

The Skillico pass comes with it’s own set of rules 

1) It costs you €29 at the start of the season for the subscription 

2) You get 10% the day price of your ticket Sunday to Friday

3) You get 40% off on Saturdays

4) The 9th, 14th, 19th, 24th are billed at €1

Imagine you arrive on Friday and start skiing on a Saturday. You ski every day and always go to Flaine. With these hypotheticals, it would take you:

  • 13 days skiing to reach the discounted season pass  at €549.18
  • 28 days to reach the full season price at €1071.36

From this we can take away that if you’re staying for more than 6 days but less than three weeks (because let’s face it, who’s got the legs to ski every day for a fortnight!?), the Skillico card gives you lots of flexibility and some really good discounts. Anything over three weeks and if you’re organised enough to book it before November 30th, the season pass is definitely worth considering. 


*Skillico passes must also be bought online and there is no discount for half day skiing.